15 DWC Reflection + Voting ✍️

Hey popcorns 🍿

I finished online school an hour and a half early, whoop! 💖 Well, you see, PE is last double period I just went for a run because that’s pretty much the same thing right?! 🏃‍♀️

My inner Rory Gilmore (you either know or you don’t 😂) has been channeled here, and to stop me rambling on I’ve put all my thoughts into a S&S (sweet ‘n’ short 😊) PROS & CONS list, honestly it just stops me from rambling and helps me collect my thoughts and make it easier for you to understand what I’m tying to say!

So without further ado… 😉


  • Develops your writing skills – it really helps you to practice writing lot and lots of different characters and plots which brings me onto my next point…
  • Helps you learn how to keep the plot moving – keeping the pace of a plot is tricky, but when it’s a short story it has to be fast and for me this really helped me to learn how to do master that particular writing skill.
  • Engages you with other bloggers – y’all so sweet for commenting on my writing posts, honestly has made my day and I’ve had so many interesting conversations through it!
  • Pushes you you really have to dig deep somedays for that motivation. It’s hard, but you can do it. It teaches you to be determined and to just suck it up and write.
  • I found my passion writing. I think I really have found my passion here, as soon as I started writing the words just flowed and I could just see the characters and sometimes it was so vivid it was like they were real people.

C O N S –

  • One of those days sometimes you just get those days where you just don’t want to write and I literally have to force myself to open up WP, type up the post, make the images etc.
  • Feels likes a burden sometimes – when you wake up straight away it’s like ‘uh, I have to post again’ and it just weighs down on you s I recommend getting it done and dusted in the morning!
  • SO. MANY. GRAPHICS!! – I had to take a break from making graphics once I was done, honestly I made 30 different images and it was just crazy. This was the biggest struggle for me, don’t get me wrong I love graphic design but doing it everyday and the same style? Hell naw.

THE PROS WEIGH OUT THE CONS!! Anyways, overall it was super fun to take part in, you can start it whenever and write about whatever (AS LONG AS IT FITS THE PROMPT!!) but I will definitely be hosting one of these next year, maybe we can even make it go blogging viral! 😂 In your dreams Amber!

Now we come to the part that you have all been waiting for! The voting, DUH DUH DUHHH! *dramatic drumroll* Now a few stories are unavailable for me to continue, but the other 13 I will continue! Now for the words you have all been waiting for, CLICK THE LINK BELOW!!


The deadline is 14th May, so approximately in two weeks the form will close and I’ll release the results! 💖 Before then I’ll be posting some proper content, and make sure to look out for April Reflection coming out soon! 🥰

What story are you going to vote for (tell me if you’d like!)? Are you a writer? What is your passion?

That’s a wrap 📚

16 thoughts on “15 DWC Reflection + Voting ✍️

  1. THIS IS SO HARD OMG I WANT TO PICK LIKE THREE BUT- (imma fill out the form right now after typing this comment XD)
    Also, girl I’m so proud of you for making graphics everyday like !! you deserve more hype for that, that ish is hard to make haha. 😉 I ended up using the same one for all 30 days XD XD.
    Congrats on finishing! Now we’re both done haha. 😀

    1. AH I WONDER WHiCH ONE YOU CHOSE!! At the mo everyone has picked six different stories so I need a decider vote, uh!!
      Aww thank you so much!! 💖 Aw aha, they did take AGEEES and completely sapped my motivation to write by the time I was finished 😂 I honestly don’t blame you if I was doing 30 days I would have used the same graphic!!
      I know you did amazing!! Well done 💖 *throws party with all the bloggers six feet apart to celebrate*

      1. I ACTUALLY COULDN’T CHOOSE SO I DID EENIE-MEENIE-MYNIE-MO HAHA 😅 and I got the dystopian one about deserts!
        Hahaha it’s still very impressive!
        Aww thanks! HAHA yes six feet apart 😂

        1. OMG VERY MATURE ADITI 😂 Ooo that’s awesome, that’s one of the ones I’m most interested in continuing writing 💗
          Aw! For sure! 😂

  2. Iced mochas or empowering knowledge I CAN’T CHOOSE!
    Well done for being so dedicated with PE – I *sometimes* do the workouts our teacher posts but at least we don’t have any double periods 😂

    1. HAHA! 🦋 I’m so interested to see the results! 💗
      Thank you so much aha – I generally try to stay active so it feels like the norm for me I guess?! I always used to be a couch potato but something has changed 😂 Oh god yeah I HATEEE double periods with a passion 🙂

  3. Ah! Looking forward to the results! I cast my vote and honestly, that was a tough decision because I’d love to read more on all your stories! All the best with the continuation, and can’t wait for more from you!

    1. Me too! Ah I totally get what you mean, like for each and every one of the stories that I have written, I can just see an ending you know? Which is god because I have no idea which one I’l be continuing writing! 💖 Thank you so much Arshia, super looking forward to continuing the writing! Your support and constant, reassuring comments over this Writing Challenge has been lovely, so thank you! ☺️

  4. Just found your blog and so I have to read back on all your stories and find my favorite but this was a super fun post! Haha I agree about the graphics, making them is fun but making a lot of the and the same design? Ummm no thanks! Haha but I really enjoyed this post! ❤️ Also good job going on a run, I’ve been lazy and unproductive during quarantine and it’s bad 😂

    1. Aw you don’t have to but that would be totally awesome if you did 💕 Tell me about it! By the last day I was literally screaming “I never want to see another graphic image again 😂 Thank you so much 😊 Aw aha, at the start of quarantine that’s exactly how I set out to be, but now I’m learning a language, started yoga classes (through YouTube!) and am going on regular runs 😂 I’m crazy! You can do it, just set a small to-do list each day of things you want to accomplish 💖

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