The Small Joys Blogger Award ☺️

Hey popcorns! 🍿

I am so excited to post my second award after my long-awaited return! As soon as I saw I was nominated for this, I was super happy! 💕 I’m all about the small joys in life, and this might just be my fave award ☺️

I was nominated by the amazing, the Kleenex-less Bayance to take part in this lovely award, I’m so excited to do this so let’s jump into the rules and all that fun stuff!

– R U L E S –

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you! ✔️
  2. List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!)
  4. Have fun with it! ✔️ I’m already having fun , as you can tell I’m easily pleased! 😂

M Y S M A L L J O Y S –

These aren’t in any sort of order, but just random small joys!

Fruit-topped waffles! I received a waffle maker for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! It’s a really healthy breakfast and just so good when you put fruit on top, like seriously good 😋 It always sets me up for a really happy, good day and is really filling.

Exercise! *cough: running* There’s something so refreshing about pushing your body and feeling the burn 😂 I used to hate it but now it’s one of my favourite things to do. I promise there is some sort of exercise out there for everyone!

Yoga! I only just started this a few days ago after reading a lot about how calming and good for your body it is, and I’m in love. I started off with this Yoga Teacher on YouTube, and have been doing a lot of her videos! I try to do it every day at around 6pm to calm me after my sometimes fairly stressful days, and it works! ☺️

Baking and cooking! Ah, I’ve been baking and cooking since I was about 5 years old, i’s one of those things that you just don’t grow out of, I get so much joy from putting flavourless ingredients together to making a delicious dish! It’s also an amazing skill to have for when you grow up, nobody is going to cook your meals for you!! Unless your crazy rich and have a personal kitchen team but where’s the fun in that?!

Reading! Uhm, duh?! Reading is and hopefully will always be my favourite joy, I love it so much! Just settling down with a good book and a nice cup of tea in my hand (okay coffee if your American and not caffeine intolerant like me 😂 ), listening to the rain patter against the windows and ah! You guys see what I mean? 😆

Blogging! This is also one of the biggest joys in my life, I just love every single part of it! I mean the fact that I own and write a blog sometimes shocks me 😂 Your lovely comments are my favourite part though, like ahh my heart melts with each one 💖

Lists! They are so helpful. I have lists for everything: daily to do lists, blogging, monthly goals, birthday list, travel list, online shopping list etc.! 😂 I just can’t remember it all in my head, it stresses me out unless I don’t write it down! Elsie totally gets me, haha.

Waking up early! (Disclaimer: unfortunately this is not the view outside of my window just to clarify that 😂) It’s so refreshing to have the whole day ahead of you, and time to complete all those tasks that have been weighing down on your to-do lists! I give you all a challenge to wake up early tomorrow, you can do it! 😊

Achieving your goals! Ah, that sweet feeling of going through your goals list and ticking them off. There’s something so nice about feeling accomplished you know? Like I literally feel like that guy on the mountain above, just my goals are a lot more easier than climbing a mountain thank gosh otherwise I don’t think I’d be getting very far! 😅

Hot Holidays! I LOVE hot holidays, like so much. I love cold holidays too like skiing, but hot holidays are my fave. Like the heat just ahh *takes hair dryer, closes eyes and pretends is sitting on the beach on a hot holiday* okay just kidding back to business. And then when you take a dip in the pool and it’s all cold and just ah I want to go on a hot holiday now haha! 😂😢

Hugs! It’s proven science that we need 12 hugs a day to develop emotionally! How crazy is that?! Hugs just make me feel so warm and protected, whether it be from my friends or my family, but there’s something so nice if you feel sad your mum/dad/friends giving you a warm hug! Or even your favourite teddy (don’t lie, we all do it 😂)

The Vampire Diaries! You all probably think it’s sad I get joy out of a TV programme, but honestly why not?! I just love sitting down after a stressful day and watching an episode which usually turns into three episodes 😂 I totally love this program! Witty Damon makes me laugh so much, Stefan makes my heart melt, Elena is just a bit of a wet lettuce but Caroline ahh I love her! She is my inner spirit fictional character 😂

Water! You know when you are super thirsty an then you just take that first sip (okay, I usually glug it but let’s pretend we’re at least slightly lady like) and the coolness just slides down your throat- ah it’s so satisfying! 💕 I love it!

Finding something you’ve lost! This is 100% one of the best feelings ever! Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth losing that item for the satisfaction that comes once finding it? Then I’m like hell to the nah…

Parents saying ‘they’re proud of you’! Ah when my parents say this I literally want to cry, like this is the biggest compliment in my eyes because let’s be honest, we all search for our parents approval in the hope they agree with what we’re doing and when my parents say this to me my heart melts with pride and happiness!! 😔

– N O M I N E E S –

So I have about five awards to do at the moment and ever since I came back from my hiatus I haven’t discovered many blogs I should probably do some blog hopping but at the same time nah 😭 and I don’t want to add pressure by tagging the same bloggers five times because that is a hecka lot of awards but honestly y’all bring me lots of joy but here are two bloggers who I (shockingly) haven’t mentioned yet!!

Arshia – Her comments never cease to bring a big smile to my face, and she’s always there reading my posts and supporting me! Her posts honestly are so inspiring and her blogging voice is so strong and has such a positive impact on everyone. Ever since she stumbled upon my blog she’s been one of my biggest supporters and I am so thankful for that 💕

Ash – Her blog is just this beautiful aesthetic and I am just in love! I’ve loved discovering her posts and I must say her bujo is just goals!! I’ve had some really nice conversations with Ash and can’t wait to get to know her better as a blogger, I discovered her blog from The Diamond Village (another incredible community blog you should check out) and ever since then I’ve been in love!! Also did I mention how soothing her voice is? All her YouTube videos are so calming!! 💫

I’m also really keeping up with my blog at the mo, which I’m honestly surprised and very impressed out! My next post will definitely be on Friday with the blurb and prologue of KIP, stay tuned for that and hope you enjoyed this award!! 😉

What are some of your small joys in life? Do you relate to any of mine? Is it just me or are tags popular as ever at the mo?

That’s a wrap 📚

28 thoughts on “The Small Joys Blogger Award ☺️

  1. Loved reading all your answers ! I can completely relate to all these answers 🙂 I have been doing a lot of blog hopping lately and i just discovered your blog….you have a great blog and i just loved the graphics .

    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot 😊 That’s amazing, how do you blog hop?! I’m really stuck as to how I can discover new blogs, that means the world to me as some graphics I make can be time consuming so it’s nice to know they’re worth it 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! 🙂

      1. my pleasure…I do not have a fixed way….but I just search something in the reader search bar and from the list of blog I visit blogs ! I came to know the term blog hopping recently… has just been over a month since i started my blog :)Yes graphics are surely time consuming but they are worth it 🙂 Do you use canva to make the graphics ?

        1. Good idea! Yes I’m pretty sure blog hopping is what it is called now 😊 That’s incredible, I think it’s coming up to my 2 year anniversary on October 21st this year which is utterly crazy but I did take a massive 8 month hiatus so it only feels like just over a year… 😯 I agree! They can be really therapeutic to make too 💕 I actually don’t, I download fonts from to Phonto and that’s how I create them! 🙂

  2. ahhh i loved reading about your small joys, Amber!! i could relate with so many of them – you get the BEST feeling when you accomplish your goals, and hugs and lists and your parents saying they’re proud of you are all so special 😭😭 but i could NEVER wake up early haha, i’ve been sleeping in so late these days 😅

    and ok omg I AM GOING TO CRYYYY thank you so much for nominating me, Amber!! i seriously teared up reading that, you are actually the sweetest and i’m so glad i found your blog as well!! i can’t wait to get to know you better too!! i’ll definitely try to do this tag soon 💖💖💖

    1. Thank you so much Ash!! 💕 I’m so glad that some of them were relatable, all of those are definitely my top favourite joys 😊 I go through stages lie that too but I’ve just had this really weird drive for waking up early lately, I think it’s because if I don’t I get tressed I’ not gonna get everything done 😂

      Awh!! Of course, it’s so lovely finding new blogs I can nominate!! Awh thank you, that means so much 💕 Right back at you, and take your time!! I have six tags to do and I’m just like eh 😂 *is secretly really stressing that Ill forget about the tags* 😆

  3. I love TVD so much and The Originals although I haven’t managed to watch Legacies as they don’t seem to show it in the UK 😔 but yes I love TVD so much and could just watch it again and again!! Ooh I like baking. I didn’t do it for ages then started up again recently. I’ve just finished decorating a cheesecake for my dad (which I’m hoping won’t collapse 😅). And yes it’s wonderful when your parents tell you they’re proud of you.

    I can’t really agree about hot holidays, I think I’d melt. Or at least probably end up with a headache which is such a pain. Although saying that if it isn’t humid heat it isn’t so bad. I so want to go skiing one day though, it always looks amazing.

    😲 I’m not getting up early tomorrow, it’s Sunday!! 😂 Although I don’t think I ever get up super late. And I probably will get woken up fairly early then fall back asleep when my dog starts knocking on my door to come in after her walk 😂

    1. Me too, I cannot wait to watch The Originals 💕 h my gosh what is The Legacies?! But if they don’t show it in the UK then ahhh! Tell me about it, I’m on the second to lat episode of the whole show and I’m just freaking out lol 🤭 That cheesecake sounds delicious, baking is a marvellous hobby and I’m happy to hear you’ve got back into it in quarantine!! 🙂

      Oh no, some people just don’t like the heat 😂 Skiing is incredible but for me hot holidays just hit different! XD

      Haha! Sundays are actually my face day to get up early, I can be weird like that 😂 Ah that’s not too bad then, aww that’s cute like she is your own personal alarm 🥰 Thank you for reading and commenting :))

      1. Ooh I hope you love it ❤️ it’s a spin off from the Originals really. I can’t really say more than that without spoiling part of the other show. Aww I hope you like the ending then!! I really need to start rewatching it soon. Thank you ☺️ yeah me too as it is quite relaxing to do.

        Yeah that’s true. I’m glad that you do though 😊

        Omg really? 😂 Yeah I suppose she is 😂 it is nice to know that she wants to come in with me. And it’s ok ❤️

        1. Me too 💕 Oo that sounds pretty interesting, theydon’t show it in the UK though so I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to watch it 😭 I’m about to watch some now and I need to know what happens!! Yes I defo think I’ll rewatch TVD 🙂 Of course!!

            1. AHH THE END OF TVD!! I was actually crying like I blinked and a tear rolled down my cheek it was just raw, beautiful, heartbreaking, honest and ahhh! Can’t wait to start The Originals!! 🙂

                1. The ending was everything 😂 Yes! Trust me in a few months (maybe a year) I will 99.9% be re-watching TVD! I hope I will, glad to ear you enjoyed it ☺️

                  1. Ooh maybe I’ll do so in October, that seems like a great time to begin a TVD rewatch!! I look forward to seeing what you think of it 💕

  4. I wholeheartedly agree on lists. Literally anything to do with mental organising, I’m up for it. It’s kinda crazy, but I find it really fun to make lists even if I don’t stick to them.
    And hot holidays, oh my god, yes. I technically hate summers, because in India, especially the city I’m studying in, it reaches like 50 degrees C. But I’m always up for holidays on beaches because that’s where it can’t not be hot, and then it doesn’t ruin the vibe (does that even make sense?)

    And aaah, thank you so much for the nomination! You’ve been too kind to me, and it’s really heart-warming to see that you believe I’m a positive impact here in the blogosphere! I’m really glad we discovered each other’s blogs, and I hope we continue to grow and connect! ❤

    1. Yes!! Glad someone else gets me. Ah tell m about it, it can be so de-stressing to make lists about what’s going around in your mind. Lists are just generally fun to make, I agree sometimes I don’t stick to them either 🤭 I know hot holidays are just ah. Oh no!! 50 degrees, you must be sizzling 😂 That is really ht, I totally get you like when you are on holiday you don’t mind it getting hot but there’s no holiday vibe at home 😆

      Of course!! 🙂 Aw, I really think you do, your posts are just incredible. Me too, it’s so nice getting to know you and reading all your posts, I’m so happy to have found your blog! xx

  5. My TVD noncannon ship is Klaus and Caroline because even though they had moments together she was technically with Stephan. Ahh same, season three is my favorite!!

    1. Ah that is such a good one!! At one point I though they’d get together but then bam he moves away and we don’t see him for like four seasons and then he features for one episode 😂 Yess! Also have you watched The Originals? I want to know if I should watch it :))

      1. Oooh, yessss! The Originals is actually pretty good ( not better than TVD but than again what is😂) and if you like the Miakelson family that I would highly recommend watching it. It’s hilarious to watch Klaus and his family and, some TVD actors cameo in some episodes( like Elena, Stephan and Tyler). If you do end up watching it, tell me what you think!👌

        1. That’s good to know! Thank you so much 💕 Yes I honestly loved that series that featured the Miakelson’s, Rebecca is just such a bad ass! 😂 Oh my gosh if Stephan features I’m definitely watching, I definitely will! Thank you so much 💓 Currently on the 2nd to last episode of season 8 of TVD, AHHH!

          1. Omg,!!!! You NEED To tell me what you think when your done ?!! Ahhh, I’m excited slash anxious for you to finish bc the ending is so……. I don’t want to spoil it so, I’m not going to say anything yet. Heheh 😂

            1. Ah I solemnly swear (that I’m up to no good 😂) that I’ll tell you what I think!! I have serious plans to finish it tonight and I’m like dreading finishing it but looking forward to it at the same time?! Omg I wanna know the ending now, thank you for it spoiling though!! 🙂

  6. Yesss, to everything one of theses small joys!!! This tag is so lovely and your response are great. List making and reading are two pastimes of mine and I LOVE that you included TVD!! Damon can crack me up instantly and both Caroline and Bonnie are such astonishing and inspirational role models with so much sass(Elena is just not the best charter hehe). Favorite TVD season and noncannon ship?

    1. Ah so glad you can agree!! ✨ Thank you so, so much! This comment honestly means the world to me, and oh my gosh yes they are two of the greatest pastimes ever 💖 YESSS! TVD for life. I totally agree, I feel like Caroline or Bonnie should be the main character because man they are so much more inspirational like you said! Exactly she’s a ‘wet lettuce’ as I put it 😂 My favourite TVD season has to be season 3, I just loved it! Hm noncannon ship, that’s tricky! I honestly don’t know, and you? 😂

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