Quirky Ramblings: Learning to love yourself and the things around you

Hey there!

So, it’s the second post of Quirky Ramblings and the last post of February! I was doodling yesterday some calligraphy for my bujo when I suddenly drew this! Just thought it would be a nice start to the post.

Time for new beginning and new ‘n’ old goals to be set!

February’s Quirky Ramblings post is going to all be out learning to love yourself (one of the most important things!) and the things around you.

How many times do you look in the mirror and smile? Look at yourself and think ‘I am beautiful’, for some people, self-assurance and self-love come easy, but to others, not so much. But you have to believe it, you have to have a set mind-set and believe in your beauty, inside and out. Yes, we all struggle to believe it, because there’s always that one girl / boy that is prettier or handsomer and more confident than you but I’ve learnt that sometimes looking in a mirror and telling yourself you’re beautiful is like turning on a light-bulb inside you, because your beauty will radiate off you! Believe it and trust me.

We get so caught up in looks and being better than everybody else, don’t we? We miss precious things that are right in-front of our eyes, we miss the moments in life that one day we will think back on and smile. For example, imagine your walking down the street on your phone, flicking through people’s snaps on Snapchat, when a beautiful squirrel is running up a tree. Your too busy flicking through your phone at other’s people’s photos and feeling jealous that you don’t look as pretty in that filter, when something magical and beautiful is happening.

Usually, I go for walks twice a week down a beautiful nature path that helps clear my head. I’ve always taken everything for granted. The trees, the grass and the sweet smell of blooming flowers, but I’ve learned to appreciate and love them more. We shouldn’t take these things for granted. That’s when things start to become worth-less, nature is such a beautiful things and should be treasured and treated with appreciation and love.

Just remember guys, your beautiful and you know it. 

Phew, I actually managed to publish this post on the last day of Feb at 7:30 pm but it still counts. I hope you guys enjoyed the second post of Quirky Ramblings! A February Reflection + March’s Bujo should be coming out soon so make sure to look out for some posts!

WhatΒ didΒ youΒ thinkΒ ofΒ theΒ second QuirkyΒ RamblingsΒ post?

14 thoughts on “Quirky Ramblings: Learning to love yourself and the things around you

  1. Hi Amber! Amazing post. I totally agree. Sometimes for people to find their outer beauty they have to look beneath the surface and if they’re still that bothered about, why don’t they change up their hairstyle or makeup? Or try a different style and ask your friends, there are so many ways to gain self confidence, but the hardest part is learning to love yourself from the start. Because even if you only love yourself a little bit, that can grow. Lovely post! πŸ’›
    Hannah xxπŸ’–πŸ’—

  2. I’m late again! Sorry I’ve been busy with exams! But omg yaaasss!! I love your quirky ramblings posts so much, the topics you talk about are so important to share with people and I love the way you present it! Not to mention the graphics and calligraphy- stunning!!! Sorry I’m late…again! Amazing post though, as they always are! πŸ’›

  3. Yaaaasss loving the calligraphy gurrrll and the graphics are amazing! I’m impressed 😱😊✨ and what your saying is just so true and important – amazing post ( as always !)
    Isabel x

    1. Thank you soo much Isabel! That’s really nice, I really appreciate your comment! Even I’m impressed with the graphics of this post. Thank you! It really is, and if no-one else is going to say it, then I guess I will!
      Thank you so much Isabel,
      Amber x

      1. No problem- you totally deserve it ! The graphics are popping gurrrrrl ! It’s great how your talking about this in your blogs – I love it !
        No problem – loving the post !
        Isabel βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ‘

    1. Thank you so much Rhi! I thought it would be a good topic to talk about. Aw, thanks! I’m really proud of that calligraphy even though it wasn’t even in my actual bujo, and seriously, I don’t think I could over-take your amazing calligraphy skills! They are just too amazing to beat!
      Thank you for your lovely comment Rhi,
      Amber x
      PS. We need to work on some more things for Ari Rose! We need to decide on a launching date and work hard to that date! x

  4. Yessss ❀
    This is such an important topic to talk about!! (I'm currently writing an essay on how reality TV brings down our self-confidence, haha). We are all flipping masterpieces. What's funny is as an artist you usually hate your own artwork. Because while drawing it you saw all the little mistakes that were being made. So in the end when you look at it it's complete but you're eye still sees the mistakes. But, when other people look at it the see a Van Gogh masterpiece. And that goes to show how we are too hard on ourselves because we see every single flaw. But others, who see all of us and not just our acne or our weight, see a gorgeous/handsome masterpiece. I loved this post πŸ˜€ x

    1. Aw, thanks Isa! It really is. Wow, Isa, that is so true! I’ve never really thought about that, but your right, it most likely does! That sounds interesting writing an essay about it. Wow!! You put it so well there, that’s such a great comparison! When I paint, I see all the flaws, but everybody else thinks it looks great, thank you for that comparison Isa!
      Yess! I’m glad you did, I loved writing this post!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment,
      Amber x

      1. You’re welcome! Haha I didn’t choose the topic myself but I’ve learned a lot researching about it. x

  5. P.R.E.A.C.H!!!

    I wish people knew how beautiful they were and how beautiful and amazing our bodies and nature work. Nothing to be ashamed of!! I know what it’s like to compare yourself but we should be grateful for all we have and strive to improve ourselves and the community around us. We rise by lifting others!! ❀️ LOVE this!

    1. Yesssss Bay! x Ikr, people should open their eyes for beauty not just flaws. Nature is so beautiful, even more than us! Bay, you couldn’t be more right! Everybody compares them-self, but you have to try look at th bigger picture. We should! Gratitude is so important, and people need to be more thankful for everything they have! We do, being kinder to others makes us feel better about ourselves and each-other. Aw, thanks Bay, very excited for our three-way blogging series collab!
      Amber x

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