Looking Back On January 2019…

Hello again! Welcome back to the quirky ‘n’ queer ramblings of, well, me!

Today I’m going to be having a reflection of 2019 (I won’t get too deep) πŸ˜‚ This is my first time doing this, and I was inspired to do this by Grandma Bayance (it’s an inside joke πŸ˜‚) So, well, don’t go too hard on me, okay…?!

Okay, I won’t leave you waiting! 😊

I feel like I’ve developed closer relationships with a lot of people. I feel like I’ve come closer to friends, I feel like I’ve come closer to family members, and I feel like I’ve got to know you guys a lot more this month, and understood you more! So January has been good for relationships. Hey, there’s always going to be the boy that’s taken and is a player. But maybe I just need to move on, like they say, there is a lot more fish in the sea! 😊

I mean, like I said, I’ve kinda moved on to another guy (it was hard, trust me), we call his guy ‘Ben 10’ and he plays this game called Overwatch that I also play so I’m trying to find (if it even exists) the confidence to ask for his username. Anyways, the girl that smells of sweat, still, well, smells of sweat but she has been a way better friend and we have dropped it into conversation, but she ins’t taking the point, even though numerous people have told her she stinks and a rather, harsh, way! School is going really well and I’m getting good grades and good feedback for my grades, the pressing question is, what subjects should I take for GCSE’s?! It’s such a hard question πŸ™„

Amber’s Reads has come soo far from where it started, first of all, I’ve created a blogging series (see the first post here oh my god I just self advertised, who does that?! ) called Quirky Ramblings, and it’s been great so far! Something really good happened as well in this month, all will be revealed on February 17th (that precision though πŸ˜‚). I also have got 48 followers, which is amazing, and I am so proud and happy, but I couldn’t do it without you! I feel like I’ve come closer to a lot of people in blogging, and I’ve loved hearing what other people have to say on their blog! ⭐️ Jan has been a successful blogging month!

I’ve learn a lot in January. I’ve learn that you can’t learn to like people, life doesn’t work like that. I’ve learn that self-love is one of the most important things in life, and I’ve learnt that being yourself is also a great habit to get into. Don’t be like something to please someone, because you’re not pleasing yourself. I’ve been told that you don’t get anywhere in life being a people-please but that’s who I am, I can’t change who I am, and neither can anyone else. I’ve learnt to accept myself, I’ve let my creative side flow free, I’ve taken risk, and I’ve not taken life so seriously, but I’ve had fun, and thta’s what counts (that was deep, wasn’t it?!).

How was your January? Did you like the quotes, I’d love to hear some quotes in the comments! Please care to share πŸ˜‹

15 thoughts on “Looking Back On January 2019…

  1. I’m so sorry for how late I am! I’ve got so behind!! You’ve accomplished so much this month, I’m so happy for you! The GCSE options can be so difficult to choose, I remember picking mine this time last year. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you’ll do amazing no matter what you pick! Great post as always!!

    1. No worries Kiwi, we understand how busy life can get! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’› Thank you so much, Kiwi! It’s so lovely to read that! I’m really happy with what January has given me, let’s hope Feb gives me the same! Yep, they are soo hard to pick, I’m just so un-sure in life and confused about what I want. Kiwi that’s so nice to say! πŸ™‚βœ¨ That’s really nice, I wish you all the best for Feb/2019.
      Thank you for your lovely comment + reading my ramblings!
      Amber x

  2. MY GRANDDAUGHTER HAS GREAT GRAPHICS I CAN’T! So proud of you love and all that you’ve accomplished. Aw I hope your friend can take care of herself soon and good luck with GSCEedhdkeiuj – sorry we don’t have it in canada and it’s such a long abbreviation like who even remembers that? Not this grandma. Love the quooootes! I currently don’t have any on me and I’m trying to find one for my January Wrappers – happy you got inspiration from it because I want to read about your life! I’m a nosy grandma like that – don’t judge. Great post!!

    1. Aw, Grandma Bayance, thank you so much! 😊 I’m really happy where blogging is / has taken me, and the people I’ve met (including you! ✨). Me too, lolz, I don’t even know what the abbreviations stands for, it’s a bit confusing! That’s so cool you live on Canada, I’m guessing you take different types of tests 😊 Thank you! I’m such a quote-lover, I thought I’d share some! Don’t worry, I’m sure you will find one that you feel is the right quote, I’ll look forward to reading your January wrappers, it’s massive but full of great content, and sometimes juicy drama! πŸ’› Yep, don’t worry, I’m pretty nosy too, I didn’t reveal too much this post, but hey, maybe I’ll reveal more in February!
      Thank you Bay for reading, it’s lovely that you enjoyed my Jan review! I got the inspiration from you! 😊
      Amber x

    1. She really is! I love her posts 😊 Thank you so much Maggie, I’m glad you enjoyed my January Review, yes, I really enjoy blogging!

    1. Thank you so much, Rhi! 😊 I’m really happy with the graphics of this post, it turned out better than I thought… all thanks to you! 😊✨

  3. This is great! Oh the girl still stinks??? Well at least she is better now (still give her like a body mist or bath set for her upcoming birthday!)

    1. Thank you Indigo! Yep, we’re trying, I’m pretty sure her birthday is coming up so I think I’m going to buy her some scents 😊 Thank you for the idea! And thanks for reading Indigo! πŸ’›β­οΈ

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