Collab #1 | ft. me trying to sound composed (and failing massively… 😂)

Hello! 😊 Yep, it me again. I just want to say a massive thank you to all for your incredible advice from my last post, and when I finally get round to telling her I will make an update and a shout-out to y’all because y’all awesome! 💛

Anyways, as you have probably noticed by the title of this post, this is going to be my first collab, and guess who it’s going to be with?! The wonderful, talented, creative blogger Isabel who blogs at Life with Fizzabel. Go check out her blog if you haven’t already, as her blog is, well let’s just say, it’s AMAZING! ✨Now, this is my first collab so just cute me some slack, okay?! 😂

So, we are going to be talking about…

So, the question we’re going to be analysing (whoah, this sounds like some sort of English assessment) is ‘What would happen if the whole school found out about my blog?!’ A majority of you have already clicked off this post, but carry on, it’s worth reading 💛

Who knows about your blog?

– My mum

– My dad

– My 2 besties

– My grand-parents

– You 😂 (see what I did there…?!)

If you think about it, that’s not a lot of people. But what if the whole school found out about your blog?! * gasp *

Your probably thinking ‘who cares?!’ but me and Isabel would find this really difficult.

Top 3 negative things that would happen if my blog was exposed…

1. There would be a lot of haters * dabs * , I mean we’re not just talking a little, we’re talking hate comments, hate mail, I think my social status which doesn’t even exist would end before it even begun 😩

2. I wouldn’t feel comfortable anymore, the reason I started this blog is so I could voice my feelings / my emotions / my general weirdness to other people, people who I had never met before and people I feel who wouldn’t judge, whereas that feeling of almost “safety” in a way would disappear completely, and I don’t think I would ever blog again * NOTE TO SELF : Don’t let anybody else find out your blog, as that’s me over 😂*

3. Man, the looks. I literally have a bit of a “self-conscious issue”, so can you imagine the looks I would get?! Oh, there’s that strange person who blogs ;-; Like, dude, there is nothing wrong with blogging!! I means there’s a fine line between strange and just unique, but not many people understand that 😖

Top 3 positive things that would be good if my blog was exposed…

1. The publicity, I mean not everybody out there is a hater, there are people in my school who might actually enjoy reading my blog. And it would get my blog s little more “out there”.

2. Maybe I could be a friend to some people. It can be hard if you’re moving to a new school or our just generally somebody who struggles to make / have / keep friends so maybe I could help some people through my blog.

3. Maybe I might bring a little pleasure to people. Maybe they’ll think ‘jeez, this post has really cheered me up and made me laugh after a hard day at school!’ I could be that person that well, turns that frown upside down 😜

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed that! 😊 If you would like to feature / collab some time tell me in the comments or contact me here where I will try get back to you as soon as possible! 😊

Do you agree with any of the points I made?

Have you even considered this question before?

11 thoughts on “Collab #1 | ft. me trying to sound composed (and failing massively… 😂)

  1. Loved working with you and would love to do it again ✨😊💕 I can agree and relate with all of these points ! I think it would be really difficult if people knew about our blogs x Amazing post ( as always 💕) x
    – Isabel ✨

    1. Me too! ✨ It was great to have my first collab with you. Yep, it definitely would! Will look forward to working with you again 😊🌟
      Amber x

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