Blogging Button! ❤️

Hey there! ❤ Here’s the little corner of my blog where we exchange blogging buttons, feel free to comment if you’d like to swap! 😊

My Blogging Button 🐳


My friends blog buttons ❤️:

Gahh, these probably need updating! Let me know if you recently created a new blogging button!

That’s a wrap y’all!

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.19.56 AM

43 thoughts on “Blogging Button! ❤️

    1. Hi Esmeralda! Definitely, at the moment, I’m getting my site graphics designed but I should have my button done very soon, I’ll be in touch? x

  1. Oh my goshhhh Amber! I have to let you know so please check Rhi’s post out, because you got the INSPIRATIONAL BLOGGER award!!!! 😂✨💚💞✨ I’m so happy for you and you were always going to be my next nomination & (can you tell I’m excited for you!!) well, just a big WELL DONE from me!! Sorry, Autumn x

    1. Thank you so much for telling me! 😊 I just read this comment and was too excited to reply 😂 Thank you so much, Autumn! 😊🧡 It’s so nice that you’re happy for me! 😛 Autumn, I wouldn’t have minded if I wasn’t! It’s just amazing to have you as a blogger 😁 Thank you SO much Autumn! 😊😂 It’s really nice to hear that 😊🎊 Amber x

      1. Don’t worry 😂 – I just had to let you know Amber, you definitely deserve it! I can’t wait for your post (no pressure to do it soon though!), 💚✨💞Autumn x

  2. AHH, i’m so excited to start working on the rest of the blog design!! i’m loving the temporary designs, too, amber!!
    ✨💖 sydney x

    1. I’m really glad 😊💛 Again, thank you for doing this for me! 🙂 Thank you, my blogging button came out better than I thought it would 😂 You are being such a great help helping me out with my designs, thank you.
      Amber x

    1. Thanks Kiwi! It’s great to show people what I’ve come up with, and great to hear their feedback! I’ll definitely be posting more, as a lot of it is positive! 😊🧡
      Amber x

    1. Thank you! 🧡😊 Well, I created mine through Pic Collage, but I thought no the others were done through Syd & Em ( who will design all that, for free! 😊 If you want something more professional, then maybe contact them but if your not too bothered, and want something similar to mine 💛, download the app Pic Collage! 😊 Thanks for reading! Xxxx

      1. Hello Amber!! Sorry to disturb you but I could not cope up with pic collage…can you please make one for me if you get a little free time later on? Actually I liked that round border that you used but I could not find it there…need your help dear…if you get free time please help me out….looking forward to your help!!

        1. No worries, yes, I will definitely try make you one! Have you got any specifics, do you just want it to say Bad Art? Or I could do something below it like ‘The Blog of a Writer’. I’ll find you a nice border you can use that is similar to mine! 😊 I will most likely need your email to email it over to you, if that would be okay? And do you have a any specifics on colours? 😊 Don’t worry xx

          1. Thank you soo much dear its BadArt below it is write your own story…and I think you can send me the pic through contact…colours can be any like green red blue anything just not pink thank you soo much!!!! Thank you again!!!😅😊😊😊

            1. Awesome! I love your icon, I’m currently working on your blog button now, it’s starting to look really professional and good! 😊🧡 Awesome, yeah, I’m not a fan of pink either! 😂

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