Blogging Goals! 😊

Hello! 😊 I hope you all enjoyed my Pretties review, thank you so much @Shalini , @Hannah , @Marshmallow and @Kiwi for liking my for liking! ⭐️ I just want to say that @Kiwi has inspired me to do this post as when I read hers it really interested me, and I think it is one of her best posts πŸ’— So thank you, Kiwi! Now found out what my goals are in blogging! πŸ™‚

Since I hit 7 followers, yep, you can roll your eyes and think that that minute number is pathetic, but baby steps, right? 😊 I’ve been really enjoying blogging so I thought, why don’t I set some blogging goals? 😁 So, here they are! πŸ˜›

Keep on posting consistently

Since school started *sigh* it’s been quite tricky keeping up with my blogging, but I’ve managed it! 😊 But sometimes it can be quite stressful, and sometimes I’m so tired I just can’t be bothered! 😩 So, my goal is to try post as often as I can, and if I know I’m going to be busy, try schedule a post if I know I’m busy on that day 😊

Reach 10 followers before 2019

Like I said, baby steps. I’m really hoping I can reach 10 followers by 2019! It’s a small goal, but could be difficult to achieve! 😩

Keeping my blogs ‘interesting’

Probably the most difficult thing about blogging, is keeping your posts interesting 😁 You have to be short and snappy, and pick topics that you think your followers will be interested in, please comment if you have trouble sometimes thinking up interesting blog posts! 😊 Sometimes I find myself in a boring science class, brainstorming ideas of my next blog post. Anybody ever find them self doing this? πŸ˜†

Keep on blogging and keep on planning!

This is a bit of an adventurous goal, but hopefully I can achieve it! 😊 I want to keep on blogging, not give it up because I don’t have time, because blogging is just such an amazing thing! 😊 Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all cheesy on you! πŸ§€ And I love planning things, I’m a bit of a planning person so I usually brainstorm ideas or plan my blog ideas! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜›

I hope you enjoyed this post πŸ’–, and if you would like more posts like this please like ⭐️ and comment! Thanks so much for reading!

Happy blogging! 😁

Amber x

7 thoughts on “Blogging Goals! 😊

    1. Yeah, setting goals for yourself really helps you to stay on the right track in blogging. I could totally recommend it! It’s really self-esteem boosting 😊

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