City of Ashes #2 By Cassandra Clare

Hello! 😊 I hope you’ve all had a good weekend, time to rest! 😊 As school has started, I won’t be able to post as regularly as I have over the last few days, I’ll try post as often as I can but some weeks I may not be able to post at all due to schoolwork πŸ—’ . I’ll try post as often as I can! Enjoy the book review, one of my favourite series! β™₯️ Now, get reading the review of your next favourite book πŸ“–!

Title: City of Ashes, Mortal Instruments #2

Author: Cassandra Clare


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (✨= half a star)


Haunted by her past, Clary is dragged deeper into New York City’s terrifying underworld of demons and Shadowhunters – can she control her feelings for a boy who can never be hers?


With the shocking discovery that Clary and Jace are related, not just related, but brotherπŸ’— and sisterπŸ’—and that Valentine is their fatherπŸ’”, leaves an icy ❄️ chill to the air. Clary’s and Jace’s feelings must be forgotten, as forbidden love cannot be pursued without serious consequences. Just as Clary’s mind manages to stay on track and focus on tracking down her father and delivering the justice he deserves, something sickening happens – Downworlder children are killed 😡, their blood sucked, making the vampires πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ the first suspect. Was it really the vampires or is Valentine behind this cold-blooded murder? To make matters worse, another one of the Mortal Instruments has been stolen: the soul sword πŸ—‘, protected by the Silent Brothers, all found dead, lying in a pool of blood. Whoever wanted this Mortal Instrument, wanted it bad. Jace becomes an immediate suspect, with his known involvement with his father, the resemblance between them and Jace being in the prison at the time of the murder, this means that when the Inquisitor arrives Jace is her main target. If it was Valentine πŸ‘Ώ behind these murders, why were the victims blood-drained? What could he possibly need with Downworlder children’s blood? πŸ’‰

My only complaint with this book is that it took quite a long time⏰ to get to the good, exciting 😊 parts, but it is still a really good book πŸ“– and definitely worth a read πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

READ the book to find out whether it really was Valentine, and what will happen with Jace and Clary…

Happy reading πŸ˜›

Amber x

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