Hello! 😊Welcome to Ambers Reads! My head is always stuck in a book so I thought I should share my recommendations of good books with you all! I enjoy writing reviews and rating books. I was inspired to create this website because of Hannah’s Writes . I love her ideas and reviews and she’s guided me through the tricky part of setting up a book blog! Thank you @hannahswrites. I’ll try to write as often as possible once I get hands free of school work but I can’t promise anything. I’ll try to post at least once a week. The category of books I’ll usually write a review/recommendation will be young adult (YA) or sometimes I might do Top Ten Thursdays where I will do Top Ten of something for instance quotes or movies. Sometimes I might do Funky Friday where every Friday I will post something off-topic that I find interesting or, well, funky! Comments are appreciated, negative or positive, as I would like to improve, but I would enjoy reading your positive comments so I know what I’m doing right! Thanks so much for visiting and enjoy the reviews! 😊

Amber x

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